parkIND Plus Program

Ideal for frequent leisure and corporate travelers, parkIND Plus makes the journey from home to the terminal the simplest part of your trip – just as it should be. Participants have access to convenient, stress-free parking at the airport, and best of all, the more you park, the more you save.

Park like you own the place.

Benefits include free enrollment, convenient ticketless entry and exit from the Terminal Garage and Economy Lot, and the chance to earn free parking. In addition, members also are eligible to upgrade, based on accumulated points, to parkIND Plus Diamond, which provides instant access to parking facilities and priority service at the TSA security checkpoints

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Parking Type
Daily Flat Rate
Points Earned
Points needed for 1 day free parking
Valet Parking in the Terminal Garage
2pts / $1 spent
835 Points
Daily Parking in the Terminal Garage
1pt / $1 spent
600 Points
Hourly Parking in the Terminal Garage
$2 / half hour
1pt / $1 spent
Park & Walk
1pt / $1 spent
450 Points
Economy Parking in the Economy Lot
1pt / $1 spent
200 Points

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